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Apr. 1st, 2012 10:13 pm
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Mar. 23rd, 2012 01:15 am
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Name: Eric
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Character Name: Mordin Solus
Character Series:

Point in Canon: Shortly after events of Mass Effect 2
Personality: Mordin Solus is energetic, fast-thinking, fast talking, and fast acting. He always gives the impression of being hopped up on energy drinks. This, combined with his clipped accent and abbreviated style of speaking can make him rather dizzying to talk to. He tends to start vocally working through any possible problems before it even occurs to him to ask questions. Frequently when he DOES get around to asking questions they are tangentally related to the problem at hand, and are merely requests for clarifiction so that he can finish his own logical deduction rather than just asking straight up what he wants to find out.

It's impossible to understand Mordin without some understanding of the Krogan Genophage. The Krogan are a race of long lived, incredibly tough, incredibly aggressive creatures that the Salarians gave advanced technology to, making them a star faring race. The Krogan helped the Salarians out of a tricky spot in a large war, but then they kept on spreading and causing trouble. The Salarians developed a genetic disease that now afflicts all Krogan that causes 999 out of 1000 krogan children to be stillborn. It keeps their population stable, but has DRASTICALLY influenced their culture to one of desparation and slow decline. This was centuries before Mordin's birth, but the Krogan can adapt to anything, given time, and so it was the job of Mordin's team to monitor the Krogan and to alter the genophage to account for any way the Krogan started adapting to it.

Mordin is desparately clinging to the idea that the ends justify the means, because it's the only way he can sleep at night. His work with the genophage would be very easy to justify as acts of war, or even war crimes. He believes they were necessary (in a weird sort of way he's actually proud of his accomplishments. It was apparently far harder to alter the genophage while maintaining its effectiveness than it would have been to make a new disease from scratch.), but he still forces himself to face all the consequences of his actions because that is the only way he knows to prove to himself that he's not a monster. For his whole time he had this job, he would do any work that involved interacting with Krogan face to face himself, never delegating, so that he could see first hand the results of what he was doing.

He makes a big deal about not being a murderer. He HAS killed people, sometimes in rather grisly ways, but always in self-defense, or to save other people. It might be kind of shakey logic there, but it's important to him. His logic is that, as a doctor, there are many ways to help people: Healing the sick, or killing people who cause suffering. Searching for the root cause of things is, in fact, his normal way of thinking. He typically compares problems to diseases, ignoring the "symptoms" in favor of finding the "disease" itself. Triage is his baseline strategy for most problems.

He is a skilled physician familiar with the biology of several species (humans included), but may run into the problem of being used to 22nd century technology. He is also an amateur actor, having acted and sung in several Gilbert and Sullivan productions (They always made him do the patter songs.). Like all Salarians, Mordin sleeps one hour a night, is amphibious, and has absolutely no interest in romance. He works through his emotions incredibly quickly. Salarians just generally do everything at high speeds and find most other sentient species sluggish and slow-witted. This insane energy comes at the cost of a short life span, Mordin likely will not live past 40. I'd guess his current age at around 20.

Note: Unless we get a Shepard that is different, I am assuming all Mordin's memories of the commander to be of a female, renegade Shepard.

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